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We offer an extensive variety of homemade bratwursts and sausages.  All of our sausages are done in small batches to ensure freshness and taste.


Bratwurst                                   Chicken Brats

All Beef   No Msg                                          Chicken Bratwurst  No Msg
Bacon/Bleu Cheese   No Msg                      Chicken Cordon Bleu No Msg
Bacon & Cheddar   No Msg                          Chicken Fajita  No Msg
BBQ/Horseradish   No Msg                          Chicken Feta/Cheese/Spinich
Beer   No Msg                                                                                       No Msg
Beer & Bacon   No Msg                                 Chicken Harbanero/Mango
Bratwurst   No Msg                                                                            No Msg
Buffalo & Bleu Cheese   No Msg                  Chicken Jalapeno  No Msg
Butter/Garlic   No Msg                                   Chicken Parm./Garlic
Cheddar   No Msg                                                                               No Msg
Chili   No Msg                                                 Chicken Italian Sausage
Chorizo   No Msg
Cranberry   No Msg                                          Sausage
Cubano   No Msg                                            Hot Italian   No Msg
Dill Pickle   No Msg                                        Mild Italian  No Msg
French Onion   No Msg                                 Sweet Italian  No Msg
German   No Msg
Habanerno & Mango   No Msg                      Pork Sausage-Bulk
Hodag   No Msg                                                                              No Msg
Honey Mustard   No Msg                                Pork Sausage-Links
Inferno   No Msg                                                                             No Msg
Jalapeno   No Msg                                           Maple Pork Sausage
Jambalaya   No Msg                                                                       No Msg
Korean BBQ   No Msg                                     Deluxe Breakfast
Mushroom & Swiss   No Msg                         Sausage-rope style
Mushroom & Wild Rice   No Msg                                              No Msg
No Salt Bratwurst   No Msg
Onion & Garlic   No Msg                                 Polish Sausage/Kielbasa
Packer   No Msg                                                                             No Msg
Parm./Tomato/Basil  No Msg                          Potato Sausage  No Msg
Parmesan/Garlic   No Msg
Philly   No Msg                                                    Smoked Sausage
Pizza   No Msg                                                 Cheddarwurst  No Msg
Pork Fajita   No Msg                                        Mettwurst  No Msg
Rueben    No Msg                                             Polish   No Msg
Sassy Honey BBQ   No Msg                           Hot Andouville  No Msg
Sauerkraut   No Msg
Sriracha/ Onion   No Msg                               Snack Sticks
Spicy Northwoods   No Msg                         Hot Sticks   No Msg
Sweet Pepper Relish   No Msg                     Beef & Cheddar   No Msg
Teriyaki Pineapple   No Msg                         Honey Ham   No Msg
Tuscan   No Msg                                            Teriyaki  No Msg
Whiskey Peppercorn   No Msg                  




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